About us

We specialize in communicating about, and educating in Exponential Technologies and Exponential Organizations that are currently disrupting business and society as we know it.

Disruptors Academy is a disruptive educational program designed by DareDisrupt. It provides you with a new mindset and the tools needed to thrive in a world that is being changed by technology. The Academy will build your disruption mindset and provide you with the skills necessary for action. We use novel learning methods to create a customized learning experience for lasting impact. It uses state-of-the-art technology as part of its methods and to develop participants’ technological acumen.

At Disruptors Academy, you will gain insights into technologies, tools and methods that will enable you to find possibilities to develop products and services for the future market place. You will explore how new organizational attributes can be leveraged for exponential growth. You will develop concrete and innovative ideas for your operation and potential business models and learn how to execute and scale them with speed.

Disruptors Academy was founded in 2015 by DareDisrupt to accommodate the growing need among senior executives to get the tools necessary to thrive in an exponential changing world.

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